Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting focused again

I've been so neglectful. I wanted to start this blog; I set it up, and then, froze. What to write? I can write in a stream of consciousness style and go on and on. But I really wanted to have a focus. Ahhh, now we get to the problem. I haven't been able to focus lately.

I thought when school started, and the house was empty again, that I could get better focused, but alas, No, it wasn't meant to be. I fell on the first day of school and busted my tailbone. It was very painful. Sitting at the computer and sitting at the wheel were not possible for days. It's improving over time, though, and as long as I sit leaning forward (as I do at the pottery wheel) I can hang in there for a while. So here I go with my first entry.

While I was in the process of healing, I found a few things to distract me in a positive way. I took quite a few photos, some to share on Facebook and some to post to my Etsy site. Here's one that I took of one of my pottery pieces. It's a large fruit bowl, or serving bowl. These bright, green grapes made such a lovely contrast to my teal green bowl, I just had to take a photograph before we ate any. The grapes were so sweet and juicy; it's a good thing I got the photo first, because those grapes didn't last long! I have several pieces of pottery with this deep teal green/blue glaze. I think the glaze color shows up better on the other photos I took, because they were taken at a different time of day. It was a little brighter outside. You can see the other vases, bowls, and pots on my Etsy site at: I still have some more teal pots to list, so keep watching for them. (If teal isn't your color, I'll be listing some indigo and cobalt blue pots next.)

It's hard to focus when you're stressed or in pain. Taking time to enjoy some pleasing sights, or tastes, can be comforting.