Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Gift from a Long Time Friend

A friend recently gave me this poem. After learning that we had started our own pottery business, she found this poem and prepared it in the most lovely way.  It's printed in gold on a piece of vellum paper laid over 2 coordinating sheets of card stock, a gold print and a solid gold. All three pages are trimmed with scalloped edges. Then she tied them together with a bow of 2 coordinating ribbons. It's beautiful. I think the best part is her hand written note of encouragement on the back, though.  It was a very thoughtful, personalized gift; it means even more because she's been going through some tough times, personally and financially. Such a giver!  I've suggested that she open a shop on Etsy, and maybe she will, soon. but in the meantime, if you have something you'd like made up, a personal touch for a special occasion, or you just  want to touch someone's heart as she did mine, here's how to contact her:

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