Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Handmade Louisiana Team

Medium spoon rest in green with brown trim
Medium spoon rest
in red with brown trim

Medium spoon rest in black with red
It's been a busy month. We have just about completed the process for buying a new house: we close next week! I'm afraid throwing pottery will be a bit on hold while we pack/unpack and organize. Current stock will still be available to ship, however!  (I have some lovely spoon rests that I haven't listed yet. These are small and medium size and sell for $9 and $11).

Small spoon rests  in blue
(and one with a tan center)
Small spoon rest in  green with brown trim

Cottage Rose Designs  featured Hurricane Pottery for a whole week!  What a treat! Check out her blog there are some extra cool arts and craftsmen on her blog.

A new Handmade Louisiana Team member, Beth, at BerryBlueCreations, included us in a treasury of Louisiana items.  She found some cool things.
Ma Louisiane

We were featured on Toni's blog here:
I love her corner embroidered bookmarks. They'll make great Mother's Day gifts, but I think they'll also be great for teacher gifts and graduation gifts!

We were included  in a treasury by Amanda. Take a look at the Louisiana treasures: 
Louisiana Treasury
Check  out the coo jewelry in her shop, too. We were so fortunate to make a trade with her for some super cool, fun earrings!  I have my eye on another pair, now.

We were selected as  shop of the day by Wendy

And now we're in a delicious Treasury all about ice cream sundaes.  You'll love the color palette; it reminds me of an old time (turn of the century) ice cream shop!  


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  1. Beautiful pottery, I love it...I did pottery way back in High School